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CleanSource is your leading Canadian distributor of quality cleaning supplies, equipment and services

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Conveniently take on your daily cleaning tasks with the right cleaning products

Cleaning Tools

The right tools to help you clean more effectively and efficiently

Food Services

Full range disposable food service options

Paper Products

100% recycled and compostable paper products that will not only save you money, but reduce the impact on the environment

Waste Disposal

Our bags are designed with leak resistant seals and are excellent for your toughest applications. We use 100% recycled plastics


Having the proper personal protective equipment will help keep you protected against health and safety risks

Personal Care

A large selection of sanitizers, soaps, shampoo, body wash and personal wipes


A dispenser solution for any product

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Cleaning & Disinfecting Supplies

CleanSource is a leading Canadian distributor of quality cleaning products, equipment and services. We represent the top brands in the industry, to ensure you receive the best products.

We have the right product for all your cleaning needs

  • Industry leader with over 20 years in business

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